The Hon John Anderson AO

Former Deputy Prime Minister

The Hon. John Anderson AO is a sixth-generation farmer and grazier from North-West New South Wales, who spent 19 years from 1989 in the Australian Parliament.  During those years, he served as a senior Cabinet minister in the reformist government led by John Howard (from 1996 to 2005).  This included six years as Leader of the National Party and Deputy Prime Minister.  The Liberal-National Party coalition oversaw enormous economic reform, including taxation modernisation and the maintenance of a string of budget-surpluses which resulted in the Australian government leaving no debt and indeed a cash surplus when it left office in 2007.

Anderson was at the very centre of reforms that left the Australian economy as a stand-out amongst western nations and was a long serving member of the Expenditure Review Committee and the National Security Committee of Cabinet.  He also pursued transport reform, a first-class national water policy and strong social & economic policy for regional Australia.

John’s recent contributions to public debate have included his Conversations YouTube and podcast series, where he interviews various thought leaders from around the world (  In addition to this, he farms on his long-held family property with wife Julia, is active in the not-for-profit sector and has been a sought-after speaker in both Australia and abroad.  On leaving politics, Anderson, known as a man of simple Christian faith, was saluted by figures on both sides with overflowing praise; the then Prime Minister John Howard extolling: “I have not met a person with greater integrity in public life”.