Nigel Farage

UK Brexit Party Leader

Unlike most politicians, Nigel Farage had a successful career in business before politics. He gave up that career not to feather his own nest, but to campaign for a cause he believed in, becoming a founding member of UKIP. In time, he built the party up from winning a handful of votes in its early days to coming first in the European elections of 2014. Nigel is widely recognised as the man whose relentless campaigning forced a referendum on EU membership, which ultimately resulted in his lifetime ambition of an independent Britain and rocked the political Establishment across an entire continent. Nigel was proud to get involved in the Trump campaign and shared a platform with him in Mississippi to spread the Brexit message. He shocked and stunned commentators by predicting Trump would become President.

Back in the UK he has stunned commentators and the so-called experts by taking the new Brexit Party to 33% in the May polling for the European elections. That was more than the Labour Party and the Conservatives combined!

There is no doubt Nigel Farage is a political force of nature in the most interesting of times and you can see him live and off the leash at CPAC. Don’t miss this special event.

(Nigel Farage addresses the audience at CPAC in Washington DC, February 2019)