Jikido “Jay” Aeba

Chairman of Japanese Conservative Union

Jikido “Jay” Aeba, conservative commentator and columnist, is the chairman of the Japanese Conservative Union (JCU). Jay founded JCU in 2015 as a counterpart to the American Conservative Union (ACU). In 2017, JCU and ACU co-hosted the first-ever Asian CPAC in Tokyo, where experts from across the Indo-Pacific met to discuss such critical issues as the economic and military security of the region in the face of Chinese expansionism, the nuclear threat posed by North Korea, the development and regulation of the cryptocurrency market, and the state of conservatism as a political philosophy in Asia. 

Jay previously served as editorial supervisor for the Japanese translation of Clinton Cash, Mr. Peter Schweitzer’s 2016 New York Times best-seller, and was an adviser to former Republican National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day on Asian-American relations.